11 Celebrities You Might Just Meet While Playing Pokemon GO

With the explosive growth of Pokemon GO it's only natural that the celebrities of the world (or at the very least their savvy social media teams) would get in on the fun. Here's just a few of the noteworthy names you JUST might run into while hunting down those hundreds upon hundreds of magikarps and pidgeys.

1. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah doesn't want to suffer from another lukewarm reception

2. Evanna Lynch might love her digital creatures too good

3. Wiz Khalifa knows what it is

4. ALL THREE JONAS BROTHERS (and Demi Lovato, I guess), no word on how The Naked Brothers Band is doing

5. Fred Savage has had the nostalgia game on lockdown all his life

6. But Mario Lopez is always ready to be a popular kid

7. Tyga kan't even focus on anything ylse

8. John Mayer confirms his reputation as "that rich jerk who gets laid more than you"

9. Zach Braff is just trying to be helpful to his fellow New Yorkers

10. Abigail Breslin is experiencing some feels right now... best leave her be

11. and Jimmy Fallon shares our pain

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